About Us

What is GENOS.club?

Genos Club is Breve Music’s latest addition to its long-standing Tyros & PSRs series Users Group. Over the last decade, Breve Music (formerly Peterborough Organ Centre) has hosted gatherings of keyboard enthusiasts every month. These sessions are aimed at providing expert tuition and product support in an informal group setting, primarily focused on giving Yamaha Keyboard owners the very best product support that is deserved of such wonderful flagship instruments.


Every month for the past 7 years, enthusiasts have attended the sessions at various venues close to the Peterborough store. Prior to moving to larger premises in Autumn 2014, local venues were hired by Breve Music to hold the sessions whilst it grew in popularity and attendance.

Since 2014, Breve Music has been fortunate enough to have a state-of-the-art in-house studio to host the sessions. Visiting customers have been surrounded by the very latest technology and equipment and experienced Yamaha Keyboards at their very best. With a Yamaha DXR/DXS sound system and Yamaha TF digital mixer, The Breve Team are able to delight the eyes and ears of customers. Digital video cameras, broadcast quality video mixers and HD LED Projectors are also used to make sure attendees not only hear what’s happening but see clearly what is being presented. Not to mention, of course, Breve’s very own Tyros and Genos expert Simon Nesbitt hosting each and every session, with the exception of periodic Yamaha Hosted sessions.

Recent Changes

In early 2018, Breve Music invested heavily in more equipment with a view to widening the User Group’s audience. Purchasing 4 HD Canon Digital Cameras and a hugely expensive Roland digital mixer, they were able to broadcast sessions Live on the internet as they happened.

This new service meant that all Yamaha keyboard enthusiasts across the UK could experience the sessions without having to leave their home. Breve utilised Facebook Live as the streaming service and created a private group for viewers to visit. All was going well until late spring when, unfortunately, due to new UK laws, all online service providers were forced to update their policies which resulted in the Live stream software no longer being compatible.

In addition to this, another strange anomaly occurred during the first part of 2018 which saw the decline of people attending the Breve Music Users Group in person.

We hadn’t anticipated that opening up the service to a much larger online audience would discourage the usual local customer from attending in person.

Simon, Managing Director

A large proportion of members chose to watch the videos in the comfort of their own home instead of visiting the store each month. That said, there were some very keen regulars who turned up every time without fail. This meant that the session might only have had 2 people there in person but 30 watching from home!

So, with the new laws prohibiting streaming and the lack of attendees, The Breve Team decided to create something different!

What’s new for 2019?

Regardless of which medium Yamaha Tyros and Genos owners chose, and despite the digital problems incurred, the fact remains that there is still a healthy number of enthusiasts that would still benefit from Breve Music’s long-standing history of premium product support. For that reason, Breve are very excited to announce that for 2019, there will be a new format for everyone to enjoy.